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Posted: 28-Sep-2016 03:33 PM By:
Zoobtube comments
Cool concept - nice job on creating it. I would love to see it grow.
Couple of suggestions if you're interested...
It would be nice if there were a way to make the still picture an option. A lot of the video is interesting on its own, but the still pic appears over the center quite a bit, blocking the video.
Are you applying a color filter to the video? At times it's neat, but other times it makes the video hard to see. Making this an option would be cool too.
Just my two cents - ignore if you want. Otherwise, nice job on a great concept!
Posted: 11-Aug-2007 08:23 AM By: Barry K
RP Zoob Tube
What a great idea! Thanks for all your work.
Posted: 01-Apr-2007 12:48 AM By:

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Who Am I?
I am an assemblage artist and musician now living in Montreal QC, Canada. This site is a portfolio of my many projects and a place to keep people up to date with what I'm up to.
What's New
 Big News!
Posted: 06-Sep-2011
After talking about picking up stakes for years, I have finally taken the plunge and moved to a new city; Montreal. While I have left behind many people and places I loved, I am looking forward to discovering many new ones here while perhaps jump starting my creative process. Check out the photos from my drive across Canada to get here!
 The Purse Project
Posted: 02-Mar-2008
I've finally started this long talked about project. X and I have a new studio in the Downtown Eastside sharing with my assemblage hero Ken Gerberick and others. I have uploaded a slideshow of some of the pieces here.
 Radio Paradise ZoobTube
Posted: 23-Nov-2006
I have created a cool little program to provide some visuals while listening to my favourite radio station, Radio Paradise. The flash show grabs the latest song info played and uses it as keywords to grab video and photos from YouTube and Flickr. Check it out!
 International Assemblage Show
Posted: 26-Sep-2006
Well somehow here I am in Berlin again. Just Press Play and Xerez's art bra got accepted into the show so I'm here having transported the bra across the Atlantic and trying to recreate my piece from what I can find here. Check out the pics here. Also a slide show of the festivities here.
 Just Press Play...
Posted: 27-May-2006
What would happen if we looked at art the way we listen to music these days, in byte sized chunks? My latest piece "Just Press Play" looks at what might happen. As a part of the piece I have added an old laptop running a Flash show that you can see by clicking here. Check it out... 
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